Gorgeous Walk-In Closet Designs

If your master bedroom walk-in closet is a bit (or a lot) chaotic, you are not alone. With everything you have to store in this space, it’s no wonder that it can be difficult to keep it under control! At Organized Options, we can help you make the most of your large walk-in closet and banish the closet chaos for good.

Closet Organization: Let Us Count the Ways

If you are thinking about buying a walk-in closet organizer or organization system, you might have a picture in your mind of wire racks and a clothing rod. While these type of organizers can work for some people, the sturdy wood units that we design and build are completely customized for each client’s available space, lifestyle and budget.

How can we get your closet under control? Here are some of the ways:

  • Clothing Rods: Instead of just one rod hung around the perimeter of your walk-in closet, we can customize the rods based on the types of clothing that you store and wear. For example, if you wear long dresses, you will need a rod that is placed higher up. If you have a lot of separates, a second rod a few feet below the first will double your storage potential.
  • Master Closet Shelves: From purses and hats to boxes of sweaters that you won’t wear in the summer, you have items that need to be stored up and out of the way. Our high-quality closet shelves are made of wood that won’t warp or bend, which are covered with a stain- and moisture-resistant melamine coating in the finish of your choice.
  • Shoe Racks: Shoes on the floor get stepped on and damaged. Even worse, they can cause you to trip and hurt yourself. Get them out of the way with shoe racks that are customized to fit all of the shoes you need to store in your closet.
  • Drawers: Do you want to be able to get dressed in the morning without waking your slumbering spouse or turning on all of the lights? Drawers in the master bedroom closet can allow you to store your undergarments, hosiery and more. How convenient!
  • Accessories: From belt hooks and tie holders to jewelry racks and trays, we can help you keep everything you’re wearing in one place. Emerge from your closet fully dressed and accessorized with our selection of closet accessories.

If you are ready to get your walk-in closet whipped into shape, call Organized Options today for a free, no-obligation consultation appointment. We can’t wait to show you what your new closet can look like!