Closet Organizers that Save Time

When it comes to organization, having the right tools is essential. At Organized Options, we have the closet accessories that you need to keep all of your items neat, tidy and at your fingertips.

You know how it is when you don’t have the appropriate organizers available to hold your belongings. Shoes get crushed, ties slither to the floor, and purses end up with damaged handles from hanging instead of resting on their bottoms. When items are not stored properly, they don’t last as long. This results in wasted time and money, as you have to go out and replace your belongings.

Get out of this cycle by investing in the appropriate closet organizers offered by Organized Options.

Closet Accessories for All of Your Stuff

No matter what you have to store, we have the products you need. Here’s a sampling of the organizers that we carry:

  • Tie Racks:If you or the man in your life wears ties, you know how slippery this type of neckwear can be. Storing ties correctly on tie racks means no more wrinkles or stepped-on ties.
  • Pants Racks:Rather than hanging your pants over a coat hanger that leaves a crease across the knees, use our pants racks to hang your pants properly.
  • Shoe Racks:Do you have a few pairs of shoes, or a few hundred? No matter: We can help you keep yours stored safely with shoe racks that are customized to hold all of your footwear.
  • Jewelry Drawers: Satin- or velvet-lined jewelry drawers will keep your necklaces, bracelets and anklets tangle-free. We have options for earrings and brooches, too.
  • Custom Shelves:Do you own a lot of sweaters or jeans that need to be folded and stacked? A set of custom shelves in your closet gives you plenty of storage space.
  • Custom Cabinets:If you have items in your closet that you’d like to keep behind closed doors, custom cabinets in any of our beautiful finishes will give you the look you’re searching for.

Remember that all of our accessories and closet organizers are built to your specifications, with your available space and budget in mind.

Call us to schedule a free in-home consultation for custom closet organizers in Indiana!