Ideal Custom Closet Accessories For Men

Ideal Custom Closet Accessories For Men

custom closet pants rack

If you have come to this link through our previous post “Ideal Custom Closet Accessories for Women”, and are now ready to look through custom closet accessories for men in order to make comparisons before a decision, then you are a very diligent planner. If you haven’t come through from the prior article, we suggest you go through it and skim it over to maybe get an idea of the options a woman has to accessorize their custom closet.


In summary, sharing a space with someone can get out of hand fairly quickly if the proper organization isn’t applied. As a power couple, you are not going to want to waste your time with petty disputes over what goes where in your closet, instead you rather spend that time enjoying each other’s company as you get ready to venture out into the day. The women has, on average, three times as much clothing as a male does, and far more variety, but that doesn’t mean that a man can’t have a stylish wardrobe himself. Do you even read GQ?


Here are some examples of custom closet accessories that, if space provides, will give the man a well-organized approach to looking sharp on every occasion.


Fold Out Ironing Boards


There isn’t a much more impressive thing to see on a man than that crease going down the leg of some freshly ironed pants. That crease is a testament to the professionalism in which you carry yourself with. The same goes for suits and shirt tops. A fold out ironing board can be stored into a custom cabinet and used when necessary. The combination of using a custom cabinet to hang out suits as well as store a fold out ironing board is an ideal way to optimize your custom closet for better productivity.


Pants Rack:



What’s the point of ironing your suit bottoms if they are just going to get wrinkled when you fold them and throw them onto a shelf? There is no point! A pants rack is setup to fit the most pants possible, while designed to keep them looking pristine for the week ahead. Installing a pants rack under your custom cabinet will further organize your space. Combine these two tips with the next one and you have a full set up for your professional work clothes.


Tie Racks:


Ties are hands down one of the easiest items to lose or to get wrinkled quickly. A tie rack is simple enough that it won't break the bank but functional enough to solve a major time delay in your morning routine. Install a tie rack on the inside of your custom cabinet so that they are accessible at will. If you are picky about your style, then you can use the mirror we mentioned in the previous article on custom accessories for women to decide which new tie fits today's outfit.


So there you have it, you have gone through the list of custom closet accessories for both male and female and you are ready to take these notes and decide for yourself which additions will make it into your new custom closet. Keep in mind that the custom cabinets and shelves are important for both sides of the closet, and was only left out of this article to keep from being redundant.

Give us a call if you are in the Lafayette, Indiana area or surrounding areas for a FREE consultation and narrow down your home organization needs. During the design process we will use computer software to create a digital mockup so that you know exactly how your custom closet will look before you make the investment. Regards!