The Look of Metal, Quality of Wood

If metallic garage cabinets appeal to you but you don’t want to worry about the potential pitfalls of having metal in your garage over the long haul, we encourage you to consider one of our metallic finishes. These are wood cabinets that are encapsulated in a metallic coating that is stain-, moisture- and chip-resistant. They come in two different finishes:

Windswept Bronze Finish Sample

Windswept Bronze

The warmth of bronze can make your garage feel cozy. A hint of shine will really make these cabinets stand out.

Windswept Pewter Finish Sample

Windswept Pewter

If your tastes prefer a cool look, our pewter cabinets should be just your style.

If you enjoy the look of a subtle shine and the durability and versatility of wood, call Organized Options to schedule a free consultation appointment to learn more about our metallic garage cabinets.