Kids Custom Themed Closets

If you had to identify the messiest closet in your home, you would not be alone if you immediately thought of your children’s closets. Kids are notorious little mess-makers, and since their closets generally have a door, lots of items can get tossed behind that door before a parent notices. Young kids find it difficult to hang clothing properly, and big kids don’t necessarily want to be bothered. Most kids have “treasures” that they want to hang onto forever, and their closets might seem like the most logical place to stash them.

If you are dealing with messy kids’ closets, you’ll be happy to know that Organized Options designs, builds and installs custom kids’ closets that can grow right along with your child.

Kids Closet Organizers Help in So Many Ways

One of your jobs as a parent is to help your kids learn organizational skills. Our kids’ closet organizers are great tools to help them gain this important knowledge. Rather than presenting your child with a big swath of space to fill with clutter, we can build kids’ themed closets that not only appeal to them, but also provide a place for each of their items. As they learn where things go, they can put them away more easily.

Best of all, these are closets that grow along with your child. Everything we install can be moved to accommodate for larger clothing and taller children. The bins that might hold your toddler’s stuffed animals can hold accessories, purses or makeup ten years from now.

Are you ready to get your kids’ closets whipped into shape? If so, give us a call to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation appointment. We’d be happy to take a look at your child’s closet and come up with a design that will help him or her start on a lifelong journey toward better organization.