Matte Garage Cabinets: Sharp Yet Elegant

Are you looking for a smooth, sleek, clean finish in your garage? Our matte garage cabinets come in two cool shades that will look great in a modern or retro garage.

Silver Matte Finish Sample

Silver Finish

These cool cabinets look great showcasing a white, blue or black car. If your tastes are on the modern side, our silver matte cabinets are worth considering.

White Matte Finish Sample

White Finish

This is another sleek choice for just about anyone! They’ll highlight any dark- or bright-colored car. Picture these with a red sports car parked nearby!

Slate Matte Finish Sample

Slate Finish

Call Organized Options today to schedule an in-home appointment to take a look at these and other finishes for garage cabinets. We’ll bring samples and show you what your new cabinets will look like in your garage. Your consultation is free of cost and obligation, so call now!