Ideal Custom Closet Accessories For Women

Ideal Custom Closet Accessories For Women

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Sharing a closet with your spouse can either be a drag, triggering countless arguments every morning about misplacing shoes, losing jewelry or taking up all the hangar space, or sharing your custom closet can be a smooth process in which you and your lover don’t ever have to worry about compromising each other’s space and you can simply spend the morning enjoying each other’s company while getting ready to work.


Custom closet organizers are a way in which you can ease the discomfort of cooperating your organizational efforts with your spouse. We've come up with some closet accessories for women and men that will do the job. This article highlights some attachments that may suit a woman more prominently. Continue reading through to the next article if you would like to read some of our recommendations for men as well.  


The average woman has three times as much clothing as her male counterpart, and far much more variety in the types of clothing that they are matching together to form outfits with. Most men can get by with some jeans, shorts, shirts, suits, ties, shoes and a watch or two; whereas a woman's wardrobe can consist of all of the above(excluding ties, maybe) but including dresses, all different kinds of shoes, blouses, skirts, jewelry, makeup bags, purses, regular bags, sunglasses, scarves, overcoats and even more. Here are some closet organizer additions for your custom closet to aid in the organization of all these different pieces of clothing.


Custom Shelves/Cabinets: 

We will start off with custom shelves and custom cabinets, because they are essential for both sexes if you want to organize your closet properly. For a women specifically, the space provided by custom shelving will allow you to organize your foldables with a better variety. An example of this would be one shelf for your jeans, and one shelf for your non-jean casual bottoms, like yoga pants; Or, one shelf for your tee shirts and another shelf for your shorts. This is, of course, obvious and up to you, but the point is that with custom shelving you can further segment your expanded wardrobe.


Jewelry Drawers:


One of the best parts about having a custom closet, especially if it is a walk-in closet, is that you can walk into it a mess, and walk out fully clothed, looking sharp and ready to go. A custom closet isn't solely for your fabrics; by installing custom jewelry drawers, you will now have easy access to the accessories you need in order to quickly compliment your outfits as you change a few times rapidly while you're deciding what to go out in. Black dress, diamond necklace, red heels? Jeans, blouse, watch, maybe necklace too? Only you know, and with the installment of a jewelry drawer, you will be able to make those decisions in no time.  




The mirror is almost a given, especially now that you have a jewelry drawer and don’t want to leave the comforts of your wardrobe space until an outfit is picked and you know for sure you are absolutely stunning. A small facial mirror that stands atop your jewelry drawers will suffice to reflect your best necklaces and earrings back to you while you are getting ready, but a stand up, wall mounted, or even retractable mirror will do the job in reflecting back to you your entire outfit as it is laid over your confident figure. How do we know you're confident? Because you took the time to invest in your wardrobes functionality. If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you do good!


Shoe Racks:


For some of you out there, if you wanted enough shoe racks to fit your entire shoe collection, it would take up your entire closet. If the shoe population of your wardrobe is extremely dense, then maybe consider installing custom shelving first. You can, of course, highlight your favorite heels with a shoe rack to give your closet a very sharp and empowering feel once you open it up every morning. A set of twelve high heels organized on shoe racks is a fierce statement in and of itself. Try and avoid cramming 10 pairs onto one rack, because that will give off a very cluttered vibe that may escalate morning after morning.


In a world that's significantly more sensitive than earlier years, we want to make it clear that these accessories, along with the ones in our companion article on men, can be used by either sex, and by no means are we trying to pedal stereotypes in order to sell products. We created these articles based on patterns that we have recognized while on the job as a professional home organizer, working across countless couples who have had to organize their custom closet between each other.


Click this link if you would like to read about the accessories that a male may need in a custom closet, so that you can compare each and begin to prioritize which custom organizers will suit the couple best.


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