Custom Closet Materials: Home Design 101

Custom Closet Materials: Home Design 101

walk in closet with mahogany finish

Our custom closet and organization company is based out of Lafayette, Indiana. Being from the Indiana area, we know that the materials we use are crucial for the longevity of the organization systems. Depending on the climate that you are in, there are certain materials. Check out some common closet materials along with their benefits and detriments. 

Wire Closets:

Benefits: Wire Closets are easy to carry around during renovation time. Most home improvement stores sell this type of organizer pre-made, so it can be a good DIY project. Wire closets tend to be one of the most inexpensive choices and are generally not damaged by a humid climate. 

Detriments:  Let's be frank, its the ugliest of options. If you purchased yours from a home improvement store, then you run the risk of them bending to the incorrect dimensions of your closet. Or maybe even worse, there will be a gap because they are too small. Make sure you adequately prepare in advance.

Wood Closets: 

Image: "Master Closet" by kori monster via flickr

Benefits: Wood is a durable and lasting material. It gives a traditional look and a luxurious feel. It's not very difficult to segment and can come in many different varieties. 

Cons: This type of custom closet material can get pricey. Since the different types of wood vary greatly, you must do your research depending on the area. Some are too fragile for use in a typical closet.  

Melamine Closets:

Benefits: Melamine is a crystalline compound that is used to cover woods so that they become resistant to humidity and insect infestation. The finishes are varied and can fit any custom design that you see fit. 

Cons: The installation of melamine closets are tedious and are best left to the professionals. This makes it become a significant decision, so make sure you do your research. 

We invite you again to give us a call for a free design consultation if you are in the West Lafayette, Indiana area.