Space Saving Murphy Bed Designs!

Do you have a spare bedroom? If family or friends come to visit, are you forced to accommodate them on a pull-out sofa or an air mattress? Or worse, do you send them to the nearest hotel, because you do not have room to allow them to spend the night?

A Murphy bed from Organized Options can temporarily transform your office, playroom, den or other area into a lovely guest room. A wall bed is also great for when college students come home for the summer or when you want to provide a place to sleep to a friend who is too tired to drive home at the end of a late visit.

Murphy Beds Create Space

When your guests have gone home, a space-saving wall bed stores up and out of the way against the wall. When it’s in its upright position, it looks like a regular storage unit, complete with cabinets and drawers.

If you currently have a room designated as a guest room, it’s possible to install a Murphy bed against one wall and transform the room into something you’ve always wanted. Make it into a home office, a library, a craft room, or something else. The only limit is your imagination! As a bonus, you can still have out-of-town guests come to spend the night.

A Murphy bed is as comfortable as a traditional bed. Your guests won’t have backaches from tossing and turning all night long, the way they might on a lumpy pull-out sofa. They won’t have trouble getting up in the morning, like they might if they were sleeping on a low-to-the-ground air mattress. Your visitors will be refreshed and you will feel good about having hosted them comfortably.

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