Health Secrets Revealed in Closet Organizers!

Health Secrets Revealed in Closet Organizers!

Custom Walk-In Closet with Secret Finish

While it may not be a secret anymore that better organization in our lives decreases stress, gives us better flow and increases our overall health and well-being, what may not be known is that it is often how we organize our homes and how organized we keep it that is the foundation of a balanced lifestyle.

A disorganized home creates anxiety, stress, indecision, and not to mention, it is a time and energy drain to the day-to-day flow. If you are finding yourself constantly feeling any of these things, then perhaps, it’s time to take good a look at how well your home is organized starting with the foundational space for storage and organization - your closets!  If your closets are overflowing in chaos and clutter and looking like a group of monkeys had a party in there 2 decades ago and the after party is still continuing, then it’s definitely time to make them a healthy and functional space once again. After all, a healthy closet is a healthy you! Creative Closets shares a very valuable Home Declutter Trick List to help you begin your organization journey

6 Tips To Improve The Health and Well-Being Of Your Closet

Custom closets and closet organizers are a fantastic way to return order to your chaos. If you don’t have the right set-up in your closets for your storage needs then you are already behind the 8-ball. And if you want to know how else an organized closet can benefit you, the experts at Bayou Closets in Baton Rouge show you more great ways to improve the health and well-being of your closet with beautiful and functional closet system in this article.

Here are a few treasured secrets used by the industry experts in closet design and organization that you can start implementing today to improve your organizational skills and potential.

Install Double Rods

Having only one hanging rod limits the space in which you can hang clothing. Double rods are a brilliant way to optimize your closet's hanging space. With more room and space between your clothes, it makes it easier to see and access all that you have. If you are unable to install one then call a closet installer and they can have one up for you in a jiffy!

Transit Hook

Instead of throwing things like coats, hats, dry cleaning and other items over furniture or on the floor - especially when they are in transit to their rightful destination - install a transit hook on the inside or the outside of your closet door. Putting up a transit hook or even a small coat rack fitting will save your floor and your sanity from becoming a clutter-bomb. This is also a great way to organize your dry cleaning as it comes and goes. If you have multiple hooks  you will also be able to use it to organize outfits for parties, vacations, or the next day's work.

Quality Hangers

Don't underestimate the power in good quality hangers. They make all the difference in how your garments drape and stay hung, and not to mention, they optimize your space better. There's a good reason wire hangers are cheap and that's because they're basically worthless. If you want to prolong the life of your clothes the get good quality hangers.

Basket Bliss

Baskets on shelves are an ideal solution for keeping things like bags, clutch purses, and other accessories organized. It stops things becoming messy and makes it easy to grab them on the run.

Vertical Accessory Racks

Rather than stuffing jewelry in drawers or on top of your dresser install some vertical accessory racks on the walls of your closets for things like jewelry scarves and belts. A closet designer can provide the perfect solution for your closet.

Shoe Racks

The many reasons why this works to improve your closet organization kind of speaks for itself. There are so many different styles of shoe racks available that that it won’t be hard to find one that’s right for you. You can even install a custom cubby hole style to display your entire shoe collection.

Want some help managing your closet mayhem? Then the team at Organized Options are standing by to bring order to your chaos. They are offering you a FREE in-Home design and consultation simply if you call them today and mention this offer.